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Andrews, Evelyn Irwin, Cathy  
Armstrong, Martha Kreie, Steve  
Lawrence, Delores (Leiker)  
Belk, Wanda Miller, Bertelea  
Bennett, Linda  
Bishop, Judy (Gooddrich) Parker, Norma Jean  
Boozer, Ruth Ringle, Merle  
Brannon, Doris Shier, David  
Brown, Billie Rae  
Cassel, James Smith, LaDonna  
Coen, Perry Smith, Sandra (Sutton)  
Cole, Glenda (Urban) Stover, Judy  
Daniels, Pat  
Dow, Peggie Toothman, Ed  
Edwards, Richard Tracy, Naomi  
Frazeur, Wendell  
Fry, Ronald  
Hart, Rosemary (West) West, Mary Ann  
Hazelwood, Larry Wood, Judy  
Zaragoza, Danny  
Hill, Jimmy    
Honimichael, Eleanor (Ardis)    
Kizer, Jackie (Palmer)    
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